Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services from Network Integrators LTD offers you with more than just access to technologically sophisticated physical infrastructure for storing and analysing business-critical data. We also give you the assistance of highly qualified experts who will assist you in enhancing the performance of your programs and applications.

We've built a global network of data centres that are consistent with industry-leading standards to ensure the highest degree of security and efficiency.

Price-Quality Partnership

You get full insight into the price-quality partnership when you choose our professional services, which is available in a hosting and cloud model. That way, you'll know just how we can assist you in producing greater business outcomes. Network Integrators LTD is the preferred partner for promoting carrier-to-carrier and carrier-to-enterprise or service provider connectivity.

Network Integrators LTD will provide you with expanded scope into cloud, IX, carrier, and other networks through our internal and portfolio-based hybrid networking and management options.

Scalable and Flexible Colocation Solutions

Data centre standards for the organisation must respond to emerging technology and changing customer needs. That's why we've incorporated versatility in every area of our service. We have a wide variety of colocation services, using our modular designs to offer personalised – and streamlined – services with versatile and straightforward business solutions.

Network Integrators LTD has years of experience developing world-class data centers. We are leaders in the design and operation of highly robust and powerful data centres that are scalable and versatile.




Scalability and Flexibility are becoming increasingly necessary in an age where certain apps could be outdated tomorrow, whilst others may proliferate and demand space in the data centre and through geographies. One of the reasons consumers prefer Network Integrators LTD is because of our willingness to accommodate this movement.

We Have Expertise In

  • Project management
  • Virtualisation
  • Installations, additions and changes.
  • Cloud Services
  • Hardware and software deployments
  • Asset wiping and disposal
  • End User Technologies
  • Collaborative implementations
  • Data centre migrations, relocations and upgrades
  • Operations Efficiency

Managed Data Centre Services

To achieve a competitive edge, any business requires a strong IT infrastructure. This is why we're here: to give you the technical assistance and versatility you need to run your company more effectively.

We'll put the best staff and technologies to successfully run the data centre activities. We'll also use our global operations centre and defence operations centre to keep an eye on the situation in real time.

Disaster Recovery Centre

What is the safest way to shield yourself from the harmful effects of IT outages? The Emergency Relief Centre, of course!

The primary goal of Network Integrators LTD is to ensure that no device malfunction can result in permanent harm to your data and IT infrastructure. That way, if anything big arises, all of your systems will be up and running in no time, allowing you to continue operating your company.

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